2012 Music Jolaurlo – Il Buio meets Carl E. Rinsch’s The Gift, visionary sci-fi short film

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2012 Music Jolaurlo – Il Buio meets Carl E. Rinsch’s visionary sci-fi video

A fan-made video that puts in relation Jolaurlo’s song “Il Buio” and Carl E. Rinsch’s sci-fi short film named “The Gift”. The author of this mash-up synchronizes them together in order to create a composition where music and video share the same pace and narrative.
The video is indeed, as defined by the author, a “Christmas gift” for the band, for their fans, and for everybody else who will enjoy it.

“In Christian imagery the unicorn, a symbol of wisdom, could only be tamed by a virgin, a symbol of purity. It was believed that if you removed its horn, the animal would die.”

A CyberPunk Christmas to you all, if you’re in Moscow, or not!

[Music: Jolaurlo, from the album “Meccanica e Natura” (Irma Records 2011-2012). Video: “The Gift” by Carl E. Rinsch (Phillips Cinema).]

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