The Character’s history

Born in the gloomy suburbs of Rome, Maurice Noah lived a peaceful life until the age of 16. One day he was in his favourite music shop when two thieves came in: there was the deafening crack of a single gun shot, the bullet struck the amp … Maurice was electrocuted through his head phones. His ears were no longer the same. He didn’t hear the noises and sounds of the chaotic city anymore, but the imperceptibile melodies of the machines and rhythms. Noah started to create sounds from nothing, hard sounds, but with a surprisingly melodic feel to them. As a DJ he transmitted his perception of sound to thousands of people in several clubs and events all over Italy and Europe, such as Street Rave Parade in Bologna, ECU (Rimini), legendary Kinki in Bologna, Le Chateau Discoteque (Lion,FR), Melodiez (Workington, UK) just to name a few, always bringing the crowds to places where they’d never been with his contamination of aggressive electro-progressive rhythm electro-pop inspired melodies very often influenced by tribal flavoured percussions. If you’re looking for a calm and quiet afternoon party event, with tea and biscuits, you really have to avoid calling him.. Fulfilled his mission in Capitol City, Maurice Noah decided to move from its suburbs to the ones of Middle city* where he founded, with other gifted people, the Uncanny Company Dirty House Music, a label devoted to electro and progressive house.

In 1994, after ‘the accident’ he produced under the disguise of Niki-X the single Slip and Slide with Dj Karma for Back-up records. The release sold only 80 copies in Italy, but in the UK it became the signature track for DJ Rikkee Young and his ‘Zone night’ in Blackpool. Ten years later the infamous Slip and Slide original vinyl has been valued at 850 pounds and it is considered a miliary stone in the italo dance category. In 2005 the repressed vinyl sold over 5,000 copies in the UK territory alone. Maurice has also created Spacenoah, a project that reached the top in the French charts in 2001 with the track Rainbow. In 2002, Spacenoah’s hit single Moonlight queen reached number 32 in the official club chart monitored by Yacast, with heavy support by national radio stations such as Fun radio and Nrj, and been included in IBIZA WORLD TOUR 2, the compilation of the legendary Space club in Ibiza. Again in Ibiza, in the same year Spacenoah and WarpKidz – Mistral became an anthem in the Techno Club nights mastered by superstar dj Talla XLC that also selected the track for the homonymic compilation (Techno Club Vol.14). In 2005, the song Afrolamba – Noite Linda, was included in the Fiat Playa compilation (born from the collaboration beween the Italian car company and SELF distribution) and used as the soundtrack for the TV advertising of Max, a popular Italian magazine. The R-Type single 18teen produced by Maurice Noah in 2006, was a tremendous surprise and success reaching the top spot (#1) of the Trackitdown overall sales chart as well as peaking in the electro sales chart of other dance music distributors such as Beatport. The single has also been included in the High Contrast compilation by holland eminent DJ Marcel Woods.

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In 2008 Maurice joined, as synthesizer player, the Italian indie band Jolaurlo, performing live across Italy and sharing the stage with bands such as Stereo Total, Gogol Bordello, Baustelle, 24 Grana, Sick Tamburo.
Jolaurlo won an Innovation Award at Italian indie labels convention M.E.I. 2010 and the first edition of Push Up awards (in Apulia), assigned by a jury composed by Stefano Senardi (Sugar), Giordano Sangiorgi (M.E.I.), Luca De Gennaro (MTV), Federico Guglielmi (Il Mucchio Selvaggio, RadioRai) and Antonio Princigalli (Puglia Sounds).
In October 2011 the band released the album Meccanica e Natura on IRMA Records.

The first video of his new solo project, Skinwalker, is forthcoming in April 2013.