Free VST Moog Prodigy Emulation download – Elektrostudio Virtual Model Pro Soft Synth [en]

A monophonic analogue virtual synth with two oscillators, an LFO, a VCF low-pass filter with cutoff and an ADS envelope capable of a full range of synthetic sounds, expecially bass and leads.

It’s a free VST instrument for Windows that emulates the Moog Prodigy, a vintage synthesizer produced by Moog Music from 1979 to 1984 and used by bands such as Massive Attack, The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Depeche Mode, 808 State, Nine Inch Nails, Howard Jones.

Monophonic analog synthesizer
* 2 VCOs with sawtooth, triangle, and pulse (narrow/square) waveforms
* LFO: Square or Triangle;
* VCF: 24 dB/oct lowpass w/ cutoff, emphasis
* A/D/S envelope; VCA: Attack, Decay, Sustain
* Keyboard: 32 keys (no velocity & aftertouch)

Virtual Model Pro VSTi Download (Freeware by Elektrostudio)

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