Summer 2013: New Alternative Dance Music Release: Gloria [en]

Maurice Noah vs Glo Ria – Gloria (2013 – Alternative Dance, Electronica).
New summer song taken from the forthcoming album We Are Not Terrestrial – The Life and Times of Happy Shapeshifters due to be released next year.

Link: Electronic Dance Music Rework: Gloria (2013)

Summer 1982. The unusual friendship between little Elliot and ET the extraterrestrial moves crowds of viewers from all over the world. Tom Selleck speeds down the roads of Hawaii and on CBS screens as Magnum PI. Commodore 64 bursts into the market with great success, while the very first CD players begin to be sold in Japan.
At the same time, in the US Laura Branigan‘s track Gloria is released and start to climb the Billboard singles charts. The song is a remake in English language of a homonymous track composed by Italian author Umberto Tozzi. The remake loses the song’s original romantic mood to become the study of a problematic character, “a girl who runs too fast for her steps”.
Branigan’s Gloria will raise to fame and gradually reach the top chart positions all over the world, certified as platinum in the United States.

Summer 2013 – Youtube Lyrics Video:


In this new version, the depicted character of Gloria meets a further metamorphosis: drum machines and synthesizers become more frantic and nervous, relocating the dissatisfaction of Gloria’s character in the hyper-technological contemporary generation, into a tough life that runs at a higher speed.

Gloria, cover artwork by Matilde soligno

Gloria, cover artwork by Matilde soligno

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