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Hot Dance Music 2009: Dirty House Music Compilation out now [en]

DHM label proudly presents Dirty House Music Summer 2009, a dance music compilation featuring 11 hot electro, house, electronica tracks from Maurice Noah, R-Type, Yoky and other artists to keep your summer 09 grooving.
Available for instant download on Amazon & iTunes, the tracks are presented in their radio versions allowing their instant fruition to a wider public and not only to our fellow djs, to whom we remind that extended mixes of the songs are available as always on Beatport.

Listen: Youtube Playlist

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A message for Bob Sinclar – mp3 download available [en]


Controversial and ironical new release on Dirty House Music: Maurice Noah – A message for Bob Sinclar (electro, house music)
Digital Single in mp3/wav format out now on Trackitdown, Beatport, Junodownload!

Armin Van Buuren (Armada)

We’re not entirely sure exactly what the message to Bob Sinclar is, but what we are sure about is that the latest from former TID chart topping label Dirty House Music is another slammer. Another big electro-house cut from Maurice Noah
Trackitdown staff
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